Reflective Women

Mirrors and Reflective Women

Last winter I was hired by Melinda Lockhard to assist her for a second time in her Reflective Woman class at St. Catherine’s University. It’s a writing class with themed writings, and the final section is about self-reflection. Melinda had the brilliant idea of having her students make large mirror artworks about themselves–and that’s where I come in. I bring supplies and guide the students in reflecting on themselves and creating a mirror artwork about themselves. It’s a really fun project and lets the students think creatively and deeply about who they are and what matters to them. They do a final piece of writing about their artwork, which they present on the final day of class along with the mirror.  Sometimes the stories are very moving, with personal details, recent struggles, and even tragedies, along with the art that evokes their stories.  It is a chance to see more deeply into their worlds–what they value, what has shaped them, and what their dreams are.




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