What’s the best thing about you?

Awhile ago, I led a Talking Suitcases workshop with Interact Center for the Visual and Performing Arts. The workshop’s theme question was: What’s the best thing about you? So often people draw attention to limitations rather than strengths, so this was a chance to showcase our gifts.

Both artists and staff participated–each transforming a slim black metal box into a piece of art that revealed an inner truth. It was fun to try to guess what quality people chose about themselves. In the process, we acknowledged lots of strengths and beauty–and were treated to a heartfelt song, images of magical clouds, a hot air balloon, cats, and lots more. Billy remembered the story of when he first came to Interact, having been rejected everywhere else, and was welcomed in and invited to clown around. Below is Billy and his clown box, and Jamie, a teaching artist, revealing her amorphous creativity.



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