Work with Susan

Bring Talking Suitcases™ to your community!


1) Choose your format for a Talking Suitcases ™ Project:

  • Art-based Story Circle – single session (2-3 hrs.)
    Focus on a single question: What is precious to you? or other topic.
    Participants make a simple story object and share with the group.
    Materials: Wood bits, beads, wire, hot glue (Optional: collage boxes)
  • Visiting Artist Series – several independent sessions (2-3 hours each) with selected themes.
    Participants may vary or remain the same. Topic questions change each time. Final artwork is displayed in a box. and shared with the group. (Added materials & cartage fee for each session)
  • Residency project: 10+ hours of the project in an ongoing fashion.
    Participants make a suitcase or suitcase box filled with story objects in a “studio” setting. They meet over an intensive time frame with a series of thematic questions. They develop skills and ability to design and create own art objects. Project culminates in a final sharing session. Mixed media such as: papers, boxes, fabrics, wire, wood bits, collage images, beads, paint pens, paints, white glue, and hot glue. (Added materials & cartage fee)

2) Consult with Susan to plan out your project (before applying for a grant!)

armington007@ or 612-578-9655

3) Want to apply for a grant?

Contact COMPAS for ideas or check out opportunities on the MN State Arts Board site:

Some things to consider when planning your project: Mother&daughteratmeeting

How many people will be involved? Will it be the same group every time?

Can all participants handle hot glue guns and work independently? If not, who will partner with them to provide the support they need?

Is there space for supplies storage and setting up an “art studio”? Or will Susan be bringing the supplies each time?