Talking Suitcases at Stonecrest

MnCAAN  residency this week with elders in  Woodbury.   Met some wonderful people with great stories.  Marlys here is an artist who created the farm she grew up on, with flower gardens, windmill, tractor, and the farmhouse that is no longer there.  She told me that the windmill used to make the water come up and go into the tank so the animals could drink.

She made her mother in a flowered dress and apron and curled her hair. She’s holding a flower. 






David, another participant made a swimming pool and mud settling pool that he used to play in and make all kinds of whirlpools and current patterns.  He spent hours there causing the water and mud to take different shapes and patterns like you see on weather maps today.  He grew up to be a meteorologist.









Bev, another participant, remembered her 20’s and 30’s when she had four kids and a full time job.  Below is a photo of her box showing a seesaw and her trying to balance home life with no indoor plumbing (on the left is an outhouse!) with her office job.  In her 40’s she went back to school and studied  “future studies.”


P.S. The seesaw can really rock back and forth, and the office chair has rollers on it.  Details!!!

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