Family stories from rural Minnesota

Just back from Dawson, MN.  Two weeks of Family Stories – funny, sad, crazy, moving stories…brought to life by 2 classes of terrific sixth graders.  A baby squirrel clamped to a dad’s finger, kids lost in the cornfields, a brother brought over from Russia, a cousin’s  leap out of a barndoor, a horse and buggy taken apart and reassembled atop a school (by a great grandfather), a kid’s hand rescued from a meat grinder, a mom eating mangoes as a girl in Guatemala… so many stories, so many unique objects created for telling them.

At the end of the project we had a community celebration, with students  showing off their work and telling their stories.

One parent said:  I just got off work and I’m so tired, but I could sit all night and listen to these stories.

And the art!   So fun:

By the way, this year I heard lots about the BAD BEHAVIOR of Dawsonites across the generations.  Who knew?


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2 responses to “Family stories from rural Minnesota

  1. Rebecca Thoen

    I love to see my students’ big smiles as I relive the weeks you were here. You’d never believe they were in a frenzy hours before the evening presentation! Thanks for including these budding artists!

  2. Cynthia Dahle

    Susan, I think these stories are so funny. Thank you for the blog post.

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